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Welcome to my website! I'm Kitty! If you think you've read these two sentences before, then you are absolutely correct!! I swear I am not lazy, you are-

Currently, I have existed for 22 years and unfortunately, I exist in England. I guess it could be worse though. I mostly spend my time either drawing, watching youtube videos, drawing, maybe playing video games, and if I'm feeling spicy, baking and maybe playing D&D. Oh and coding? I mean, someone's gotta assemble this thing... did I mention drawing? I do that a lot. I also do pixel art too!! I kinda got into it around December 2022 and it is one of my many addictions. It's okay I can quit whenver I want (I can't :(((((((((((( )
(gonna place some cute art of my mascot here :o)
You might be wondering "Hey, whose the cute girl in the blue dress? Well, that's my mascot! Whose also called Kitty... she represents me! Because imagine showing your face online to internet strangers my god absolutely terrifying. I made her back in 2019 because I wanted to smooch a fictional man... never again. So instead I just made more versions of Kitty and made those versions smooch other fictional men. I think there's a shrine trying to explain that... anyway something something cringe culture is dead I have many fictional boyfriends what do you have loser?

...I'm joking you're not actually a loser...

It's kinda hard to explain what Kitty is exactly. She represents me, but she's a character in her own right. All I know is that I see Kitty and go "HAHAHA me." so. Take that what you will, I guess.

''Kitty I need more lore.''

...dang it fine. Lemme tell you about some of my favourite things.

My favourite...

Games Pokemon, Stardew Valley, Town of Salem, Rhythm Heaven, Mario Party, Battleblock Theatre, Sims (especially 3!), Wobbledogs
Music Honestly, Vocaloid is my jAM. Blueberry specfically like my favourite boy KAITO- I also like Video Game Soundtracks as well. Honestly though, if I can vibe to it, I like it!
...seriously. Music. Lovers Suicide Oblivion, 39 Music!, Nee Nee Nee, SPiCa, Greenlights Serenade, Teo, A Thousand-Year Solo, Piano X Forte X Scandal