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Welcome to my website! I'm Kitty! This is my chill little corner of my internet dedicated to all the things I think are kinda neat. Feel free to stay awhile, I'm just here to have a good time :)
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Surprise! Hi I came back for a bit and I finally sat down and figured out how to present my """"professional""" portfolio website! I feel like a lot of the examples are going to need updates, but at least for now it's alright! OH AND. You can now hover over the images on the landing page! I figured out how to do that and I can utilise that for my other pages as well! Yippee!!!


New landing page has offically dropped! It has my links, as well as new access to my designated art section! Of course, this means I'll have to fix up the personal site... and assemble the art end... whoops. Hopefully we can get on that soon!


My shrines page has been set up! All I'm missing now is the links and the actual pages themselves! It feels a little barebones, but that's alright! I also realised I forgot to mention my toyhouse so. That's been added to the links page! I've decided that I really want to have one website to contain my professional and personal stuff, so my next port of call is to make a new landing page! So if the next time you visit the site looks completely different... uh no it doesn't. (Okay dw it will look actually different but you'll just need to hit a button to enter properly!)


Surprise! The home page now has an update board! My aim is to track the progress I've made with this website, and I thought a updates box would be the perfect thing to add for it! I also decided to add a small to do list as well to track things I want to do for my site! Hopefully when I have no clue what to do, I should be able to refer to it! Alongside this, there's some buttons I found at the bottom! I'm not fully convinced on their placement / if I'll keep them, but they're cute and will stay for now.

To do list:

  • Set up specfic shrines
  • Add an cute lil' image of my mascot to the about page
  • Find more cool folks to add to my links page
  • Set up a section about my OCs / Comic cast? (Basically my favourites get special treatment and unique pages but I might dedicate a page to smaller cast members!)
  • Set up a comic section?