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Welcome to my portfolio! As KittyKnight, or legally Sophie, I specialise in cartooning and comics! One of the most facinating things for me is seeing how people and things interact with each other, and how people change because of it! I also love to have fun in my work, often choosing to focus on the more light hearted and relaxed side of life.

...or, just cute and mushy romance stuff. Yes I am a sucker for having people smooch, no I will not elaborate. Relationships are great, shame I don't have one. I think it's self projection uh oh.

Currently, I'm based in the North East of England! I'm studying my MA in comics and graphic novels, and I'm due to complete it come September! I've always had an interest in comics, especially being raised in a lot of online art communities such as deviantart and tumblr. However, words aren't exactly my speciality, but being able to combine both artwork and storytelling felt like a natural progression - and a lot more accessible for someone like me! It was only during my BA that I starting developing my work more as a comics creator and... uh, here we are now.

Outside of comics, you can find me either playing video games, baking, watching videos on youtube, or... uh... doing more drawing. I like exchanging art with folks and interacting in online art communities....