My Pixel Art

Pixel Art is a little hobby thing I do which I started getting more into during December 2022! I mainly love using it to create my own assets, emotes and icons! I adore the look of it sm!
I used to edit pokemon sprites back when I was 12, and I had done it on and off, but it's since become one of my favourite mediums to work with!
All sprites are at their intended size - clicking on them will open them up though!

Do not use these as assets for your own website. These were made for friends, or commissions.

Character owned by Mutonian Commission for Leo Character owned by chiitopia Characters owned by YandereChips Character owned by Kaiyaru Character owned by xbleaxhx Character owned by Erelux Character owned by Erelux Character owned by Duke_daemon Characters owned by Sarcatstic and Brainfriends Character owned by Zenitsuwu, other is the Vigilante from Town of Salem Both Characters belong to me, though one of the plushies is the Mafioso from Town of Salem Shakipiyo from Gudetama Characters owned by Shulksoss and Teffla Characters owned by JinxedJay, RealKutiepup, TheLittlestLed and LilyRoseTempest